We Listen

  • Tax Optimization
  • Educational Funding
  • Business Strategies
  • Philanthropic Giving
  • Life Transitions

Our advisors are interested in your goals and aspirations. Once we know more about what's important to you, we build a personalized financial strategy.

How do you measure a good life? We want our clients to be the doers and dreamers of tomorrow who want to focus on their health, happiness, and passions by delegating the day-to-day business of their financial strategy to us.

We listen. We care. We understand.

How would you spend your time if money were no object?  Where are you going, and how will it shape your legacy? 

We believe your journey is worth thoughtful answers to these questions.You deserve an advisor who understands your journey and your priorities, someone you can depend on day in and day out.

Your life is unique, and as such, we are motivated to help you succeed first. Your personalized financial plan is custom-built according to your goals, needs, and circumstances. Revisited often, your plan is adapted and reshaped depending on each stage of life. We use a holistic and informed perspective to provide ongoing insight, guidance, and reporting so you always know where you stand.

Waterford Wealth Management serves individuals and their families. We are fiercely loyal to them and committed to the preservation and growth of their wealth.

Putting your plan into action is a big step. You will have a strategy that takes full advantage of the opportunities available to you. Our team is committed to your success every step of the way.


After identifying your goals, we prepare a financial strategy to help you pursue your goals and achieve lifelong independence with real, measurable results.



From WALL STREET, to Your street. 

Our professional staff includes experienced advisors with years of experience and volumes of knowledge, all focused toward helping you pursue your financial goals.



  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Preservation
  • Legacy & Estate Planning ​
  • Financial Literacy Education


Our team monitors key indicators and communicates your progress at regular intervals. We are ever present to adapt your strategy as your goals evolve.

To prepare your future entails far more than investing. It requires thoughtful, proactive planning and a commitment to all the factors that influence your financial success.